Remedial Massage

    Unlock relief and revitalise 

    Get to the root of your pain & tightness with precision treatment.

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    Welcome to Remedial Massage at Melton Physiotherapy

    Get expert treatment for your pain, tightness, injuries, and musculoskeletal conditions.


    Remedial massage is performed by a clinically qualified therapist who can treat a wide range of conditions, including neck & back pain, tension headaches, frozen shoulder and even stress!

  • Feel the difference in every movement

    It's more than just a massage...

    Pinpoint relief

    Our clinically qualified therapists use precise techniques to target areas of tension and pain, providing relief where you need it most.

    Speedy recovery

    Speed up your recovery process from injuries and reduce inflammation in your body.

    Boosted blood flow

    Improve blood flow, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells.

    Get flexy(er)

    Reduce muscle tension and stiffness, increasing your range of motion and flexibility.

    Make the most of physio & exercise

    Get better results from your physiotherapy & exercise sessions.

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  • Move well, feel well, and live well

    with Remedial Massage