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    pain-free, mobile, and functional

    so you can keep doing what you love.

    We're experts in treating musculoskeletal pain, injuries, & before/after surgery.


    If you're looking for expert assessment, hands-on treatment, and a long term solution for your physical needs, then you've found the right place.


    We'll help you:

    • get rid of pain
    • reduce stiffness/tightness
    • improve your flexibility, mobility, and stability
    • prevent injuries at work or during sport
    • avoid surgeries


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  • Our story

    Where we're going and what we believe in

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    Melton Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic first opened its doors in 2000 by our senior physiotherapist, David Horvath. We’re one of the most longstanding clinics in Melton and we are incredibly proud to have helped over 13,000 people feel better and live better. Our focus and passion have always been improving the health of our local community and that’s what we excel at. Our strong community of clients will confidently tell you the same.

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    Our future...

    In 2022, our clinic opened a new chapter. We joined the network of JC Health Group – a passionate group who is helping to energise and improve modern healthcare and lifestyle.


    Melton is rapidly growing and we are gearing up to keep up with our town. We will continue catering, growing, and expanding our services to our community to ensure families are healthy and cared for.

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    Our philosophies...

    Improving the health of our local community is our passion. We thrive on helping people keep their body at its best so they can continue doing what they love.


    We pride ourselves in providing our highest standard of service and care for all of our clients - everytime. All our staff are passionate about their work and will go above and beyond to help you. You're never just a number at our clinic.


    Our practitioners have over 40 years of combined experience. All treatments and advice you receive is supported by decades of experience and up-to-date evidence.


    We strive to not be just another physio clinic. Our community is our heart and we work hard to learn about you and your family so we can give the best personalised care and results that will last a lifetime.

  • Our vision

    We want people in Melton and surrounding suburbs to be able to happily live their life and do what they love with great function, unhindered mobility, and less pain.

    Our mission

    We strive to give every client personalised hands-on treatment & care that addresses their immediate need, as well as long term goals with thorough assessments, treatments and plans that are backed by evidence, all in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We actively educate and influence accountability of our clients and local community through their time in clinic and a variety of content.

    Our focus

    We focus on providing hands-on treatment and exercise plans to treat and prevent musculoskeletal pain & tightness, injuries, and post-surgery rehab.

    Our values

    • Comprehensive care – we seek to go above and beyond the surface and provide care & service where we can
    • Health first – we live by the idea that health is a priority that allows us to achieve our goals and live a prosperous life
    • Superior service – we provide the best possible service to all clients, visitors, and staff
    • Education – we believe education and awareness are pinnacles to good health and people must be in the know before they can act
    • Integrity – we uphold the highest standards possible and serve with professionalism
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