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  • Painful. Life-changing. Eye-opening.

    These are only some of the ways people describe physiotherapy.  None of them are wrong.

    Tell me more...

    We all know pain… And quite frankly… Some pain is good for us. Pain is necessary for growth, pain fortifies our mentality, and pain is a sure-fire way to tell if we’re alive.


    But those nasty pains in our bodies? Nope. Stop. Now!


    Pain and tightness in the body can be absolutely excruciating. Whether it's back pain, knee pain, or elbow pain, it stops us from living our lives and doing what we love. And the worst is when the simple things get you, like bending down or even turning your head. It can be so embarassingly humiliating and the biggest mood killer.


    You know when you start referring to your knees as good and bad, rather than right and left?... Surely there’s a better way to live life, right?


    Wouldn’t it be amazing – like a gift sent down from the heavens – if you could get instant, same day relief on that nagging, soul-draining pinch in your neck?


    Or if you could make sure your body is always ready to move in optimal, peak condition and able to dodge bullets like Neo?


    How about learning top secrets right from the experts and never getting lower back pain ever again?


    Life is too short to be ridiculed by pain and stiffness... And maybe we can't get you moving like Neo, but imagine your possible future filled with never-ending back flips, pain-free lawn mowing, silky smooth golf swings, or even just being able to get through a day at the office without feeling like you’re a Jenga tower one block away from disaster.

    Yes please! Can you help?

    We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, and we’ve helped over 12,000 people just like you get out (and stay out) of pain! Whether you’ve woken up with a crook neck, hurt yourself on your run, or you’ve strained your back, our physios will be able to help you get back to what you need to be doing.


    We are experts in treating physical pain and tightness, including treatment for injuries and surgeries. So just like when mum or dad used to come and fix your boo-boos, you can rely on us anytime you get the wah-wahs (Shhh… We won’t tell anyone you cried).


    Your health goals form our mission – everyday. Seriously. Our team is up pondering into the night about your progress, your challenges, and how we can continue helping YOU. Whether you’re after pain-free, functional movement, or you’re wanting your sprained ankle to recover stronger than before, our team will give up sleep (and have late lunches) so we can give you the most amazing care and results.


    Physiotherapy is a proven and effective way to improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase overall well-being. Everyone is different and our practitioners will provide you personalised treatment that is right for your condition and your goals. Here are some more benefits you can expect from great physiotherapy:


    • Greater range of motion
      Get flexy, buttery joints so you can move and groove like Michael Jackson. Perform daily activities and sports without feeling like you’re strapped in a straitjacket.
    • Less or no pain and stiffness
      Forget about pain and what it stops you from doing. Get comfortable with your body, be happier, and alleviate that tension in your life. Stop living your life like something is going to pop at any time.
    • Faster recovery times
      Get back in action quicker through a great recovery process. Understand what you need to do and avoid additional injury or aggravation with your very own personalised treatment plan.
    • Increased overall well-being
      Moving well, being pain free, and not hearing a tantrum from your body every time you play sport has a positively profound impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Notice better moods, reduced stress, and much higher energy levels!

    Let's go! How do I book an appointment?

    It's easy!


    Whether you've been to physio before or it's your first time, you can start coming in and get results straight away with a couple of approaches...


    Here are our appointment types you can book online:


    Full body assessment

    A comprehensive functional assessment that will test your mobility, flexibility, and stability. You will be taken through a variety of movements and clinical tests to help you determine your strenghts, weak points, and help you understand your condition or injury in detail.


    This allows us to understand where you are now, what you're trying to achieve, and what we need to do to help you get there.


    Not feeling right? Unsure about posture? Feel like a knotty mess? This option is the best place to start.

    Initial consultation

    A combined session of assessment and treatments. We focus our efforts on one condition or area. This means our assessments and treatments are more thorough and specific to a particular problem or area.


    Think of the full body assessment like a snapshot of your physical condition, and the initial consultation like a targeted lense on a specific problem, condition or area.


    Specific injury? Need direct attention on something? Know what you want checked out? Choose this option.

    Standard consultation

    After your initial consultation or full body assessment, you will get a treatment plan detailing what you should be doing and how often you should see your physio.


    When you're coming back in, book in a standard consultation.


    These sessions usually involve general assessment, hands-on treatment, and guided exercises.
  • Take control of your body. Get pain free. Love your life.


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