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    David Horvath

    Senior Physiotherapist

    Hello hello! I've been treating Melton locals for over 25 years. I graduated from Melbourne and Latrobe Universities in 1991 with degrees in Science and Physiotherapy. Prior to Melton Physiotherapy, I worked in Florida US which scratched my travel itch.


    I returned to Australia in 1994 and bought the original practice in Melton on High Street in 1995. Come 2000, I built the current clinic on Coburns road where I am still practising and helping the 2nd and 3rd generations of my clients.


    As an ex elite sportsman, I understand the importance and demands of effective recovery. I've got over 30 years of experience treating all conditions from simple strains and sprains to multi-trauma post-surgical rehabilitation.


    I've got a beautiful wife, two grown children and recently became a grandfather. I'm an avid cyclist, although much slower than what I used to be. I am currently also an Officer in the Australian Air Force Cadets and a board director of a prominent western private school for the last 18 years.


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    Alesha Laurie

    Exercise Scientist - Strength & Conditioning

    Hey! I started at Melton Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic in September. During my time here, I’ve met many lovely locals and have worked incredibly hard to help create a warm, welcoming environment. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science at Victoria University with the aim of becoming a top-notch physiotherapist!


    I’m proud to have joined such a caring clinic where I can let my people and service skills shine and start immersing myself around the ins-and-outs of being a physio! I’m incredibly passionate about health and making sure people get the best healthcare possible.


    Besides being a busy university student, I love going to the gym and playing netball. I play for the local Melton South netball team and always fighting to get our city more wins! Maybe I’ll see you at our games!


    I've recently just started taking on clients for clinical fitness! I can help you get fitter and healthier, all while addressing any physical or chronic conditions.


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    Julie Beckham

    Practice Manager

    Hi! I've worked in allied health for over 20 years, with 10 of those years here at Melton Physiotherapy! Safe to say, I love it here and I love what we do. I've tirelessly pushed myself as a leader in healthcare, and I'm incredibly proud to have built such an amazing and passionate team to care for our community.


    I'm devoted to making sure our clients feel valued, inspired, and welcomed by creating and maintaining a safe, positive environment. I believe in setting good health boundaries and giving yourself the time and space to heal - especially after significant trauma and injury - to get the best out of therapy, and ultimately life. I strive to be the best version of myself every day and I appreciate perspectives from all walks of life - so come in and have a chat with me.


    Outside of work, I love getting outdoors. I'm usually gardening, renovating the house, playing with my two dogs, or connecting with friends and family. I'm passionate about personal care and wellness, so you might catch me on a walk somewhere!  

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    Dayna Seabrook

    Client Care

    Hey there! I make sure you're looked after here at the clinic. I joined the team in 2018 as a receptionist and I love making sure my team and our clients are always getting the best support. In 2023 I have been lucky to take on a new role within the clinic. I'm now the clinics marketing officer.


    Throughout my time here, my proudest achievement is forming so many beautiful relationships with both my team members and our clients. I am also proud to say I always aim to provide the highest level of care to everyone who comes in.


    Outside of work I love spending time with my partner and friends, going on adventures, camping, 4x4ing and fishing. I also love to spend time time playing with makeup, playing games and journalling. Although, I don't have too much time for that since giving birth to my baby boy in October 2022!


    My aim is to make sure that every single patient feels welcomed and cared for. It is important to me that you know you’re not just a number, but to me you are someone whose day I could help improve! I look forward to helping you in the clinic!

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    Josh Li


    I became the director of the clinic in 2022! What a blast it has been. I have met heaps of awesome people and been inspired by so many of our client journeys.


    My vision is simply a healthier Australia. Over half of our population is either chronically ill, obese, or a combination of both. This is incredibly detrimental to the productivity and capability of our nation across short and long term time frames and I want to change that. I started my company ‘JC Health Group’ to combat the rate of illness and inspire our people to live healthier lives by focusing on prevention and education.


    I am committed to re-invigorating the healthcare industry by bringing us back to the basics of great service and putting the needs of our clients first.


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