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    Clinical fitness

    A specialised approach to fitness...


    ... Get fit, healthy, and manage physical or chronic conditions - for life!


    "Make time for exercise, or you'll lose time to illness"

    Transform your health & fitness with science-based training.

    In person or online!

    Read more about clinical fitness below.

  • Challenging. Rewarding. Fulfilling.

    Exercise can be hard to start, but once it's a habit, it becomes hard to stop.


    Start with your fitness assessment

    Tell us about your goals and dreams so we know how to best help you. We'll also take you through a comprehensive physical assessment.


    Get your personalised training plan

    Your plan is designed around your goals, incorporating strength and cardio workouts, with tracking and demos to accelerate your progress.


    Get results with expert coaching

    Train and work directly with your coach in-person or online. See results as we put your plan into motion and keep you on track so you can keep making steady progress.

  • Train with the latest research in exercise science.

    Lose weight, gain muscle, and manage any conditions or injuries with our science-based training programs. Whether you want expert guidance in-clinic or on-the-go coaching online, we'll design a training program that's perfect for you.


    Our science-based training aims to maximise your training efficiency - which means less time in the gym and more time looking & feeling great. We'll help you save time and take out the guesswork, while getting you closer to your unique goals.

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    Get expert guidance anywhere

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    It doesn't matter if you train at home or in the gym, your program will be perfectly designed based on where you want to train, what equipment you have available, and how long you can go for.


    We can provide fully guided, hands-on support when you're in the clinic which is the best option if you're new to training or recovering from injury/surgery.


    If you're after a complete online solution, you can access demos right in the app anytime, anywhere so you can always ensure safe and proper form.

    Ready to start science-based training?

    Get guaranteed results with the help of your coach, who will keep you accountable to your plan.

    We're your dedicated health & fitness partner. Track your results and message your coach directly for support when you need it.


    In addition to a perfectly tailored training program, your coach will keep you inspired day in, day out.

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    Stay on track and visualise your progress.

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    Our powerful training app connects you and your coach and brings your program straight to your phone in a simple, easy-to-follow format.


    Research shows that you're more likely to see continued results if you can visualise your progress. You and your coach will be able to see your logged results and keep you on track with your plan, so you can be sure you're always getting closer to your dream body.

    Build your knowledge with personalised content & articles

    Depending on your goals, conditions, or injuries, your coach will provide you with curated content and articles with your program to help you get the most out of your training plan and avoid making common mistakes on your fitness journey.

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    If you're ready to get started, book in a complimentary session to meet your coach.

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