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    Ready to slow your aging and avoid hangovers?


    Want instant pain relief and to feel your best on your birthday?


    ONLY available during your b-day month, we'd like to offer you some immediate relief from pain or tightness, a tailored plan to fix any physical injuries or conditions, and secrets from the experts to help you stay in great shape and loving life - all for a very special price.


    Want to check it out?

    We know the birthday month can get pretty hectic. That's why we want to look after YOU!


    Whether you like to wake up in the mornings unsure about what you did the night before, or you like a quiet night in with a glass of red, who doesn't want to feel their best on their birthday?!


    Keep reading to check out what we've wrapped up for you to help stay in tip-top shape, and ready to rock 'n' roll!


    You've probably never bought yourself something like this before, but we can promise it's something you DON'T want to miss out on.


    Spoil yourself during your birthday month and save hundreds on premium, high-quality healthcare that will keep you going birthday after birthday. 

  • There are people to see, drinks to drink, and candles to blow. Whatever you like to do for your birthday, we ain't judging... We just want you to be able to move, groove, and dance like ya just don't care.

    We can gaurantee:

    - Effective and immediate relief from pain or tightness

    - A personalised program you can follow at home and/or at the gym

    - Tailored, expert advice you can take anywhere

    You will learn:

    - The secrets to slowing your aging and staying as youthful as possible

    - Everything you need to know about recovery

    - Expert advice on curing hangovers and how to avoid them

    - How to manage stress and what you can do if you are stressed


    And if we don't achieve any of the above...

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    We will refund you 100% - risk free gauranteed - for your birthday.

    This is ONLY available during your birthday month.


    Buy NOW to secure your spots and set yourself up for a pain free birthday.


    Limited spots every month. Don't miss out!  

    Save over $850!!

    Here's what you will get!


    - 1x Full Body Assessment, value = $130


    - 3x Hands on Treatments, value = $260


    - 2x Private Clinical Fitness Classes, value = $160


    Bonus FREE items:

    - 1x Spikey Ball, value = $16.95                            

    - 1x Large Wheat Bag, value = $50

    - 3 Month Sub to our e-health library, value = $38.97

    And get these bonus digital guides:

    - A Practical Guide to Longevity:

    How to Slow your Aging and Optimise Health, value = $249


    - The Ultimare Guide to Recovery: Everything you Need to Know, value = $199


    - Get Over the Hangover: Our Guide to Avoid and Cure the Hangover, value = $199


    - A Complete Guide to Stress Management, value = $249


    - Birthday Recommendations from our team, FREE BONUS


    Total Package Value = $1451.92




    SAVE $852.92 

    Buy now, pay later available.

    Buy now, pay later available.

    Not convinced?

    See below to learn more about everything you'll get when you buy this birthday package... You won't be dissapointed.

    Here's everything you'll get to help you have a pain-free, stress-free, and absolute ripper of a birthday.

    Your physiotherapy and clinical fitness sessions...

    • A comprehensive full body assessment - valued at $130
      We'll assess your overall function based on your mobility, stability, and flexibility so you can have a clear understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and any injuries or conditions. From there, we'll help you get clear on your goals and provide a tailored recommendations based on your goals.
    • 3 x hands-on sessions - valued at $260
      These sessions will be completely personalised based on your assessment and what you're looking to achieve. These sessions can include deep tissue massage, kinesio taping, dry needling, heat therapy, and exercise delivery and assistance (only to name a few).
    • 2 x private clinical fitness sessions - valued at $160
      Guided exercise sessions with our clinical trainers to ensure correct form, prevent injuries, and get real-time advice. These sessions are perfect to try lift heavier, new movements or techniques, as you will be able to get real-time feedback from our experts.

    Plus these freebies... 

    • Spikey ball - valued at $16.95
      Using a spikey ball offers a myriad of benefits: its massaging action relieves muscle tension, increases circulation, and promotes relaxation. It's unconventional design stimulates curiosity and encourages a playful approach to self-care, making it an indispensable tool for rejuvenating both the body and the mind.
    • Large wheat bag - valued at $50
      Embrace the comforting warmth and soothing embrace of a wheat bag, as it molds to your body, alleviates aches, and melts away stress, revealing a renewed sense of calm and tranquility, like a cozy hug from nature itself. Whether in the chill of winter or the aftermath of a long day, the wheat bag is your loyal companion that gives relief and relaxation every time.
    • 3 month subscription to our premium library - valued at $38.97
      Gain access to a treasure trove of health knowledge with a premium library curated by our experts. Each piece of content unlocks a world of wellness secrets, empowering you to make informed decisions about your well-being and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier life.

    And these life-changing bonus items...

    • A practical guide to longevity: how to slow your aging and optimise your youth - valued at $249
      Unlock the secrets to vibrant aging with a guide that empowers you to live longer, stronger, and with purpose. We cover all the key elements to help you age naturally and gracefully without using medical or cosmetic procedures or approaches to enhance your life and boost your vitality.
    • The ultimate guide to recovery: everything you need to know - valued at $199
      Find your body's full healing potential with a comprehensive roadmap to optimal well-being through tailored techniques, mindful practices, and proactive self-care. You'll learn the hidden truths about recovery and how to maximise your healing ability.
    • Get over the hangover: how to avoid and cure hangovers - valued at $99
      Master the art of boozing and come out on top (not on the ground the next morning). We'll take you through all the nuances of what a hangover really is, and how you can combat the nasties like a seasoned pro. Pour it up!
    • A complete guide to stress management - valued at $249
      Your ultimate handbook guide on how to manage stress and to stop being stressed. You will be surprised at some of the expert techniques and start to wonder where this has been your whole life. De-stress and stop on top of stress FOREVER!
  • Buy now and save $852.92!

    Get pain-free and get more out of life (and birthday) ;)

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