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    Use Physitrack to access your personalised program created by your physiotherapist.

    An easy way to keep track of your plan and share your progress with your physio.
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  • We accept a range of patient types

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    Work Cover

    Please make sure you have approval for Physiotherapy

    We accept Work Cover claims.

    Please call the clinic ahead of your appointment to find out what we require to process your claim.

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    Please make sure you have approval for Physiotherapy

    We accept TAC claims.

    Please have your claim number and date of accident available for your appointment.

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    Please make sure you have an eligible care plan from your doctor.

    We accept GP referrals.

    Medicare rebates are processed at the time of your appointment, which means you're only out pocket by a small gap fee.

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    Private Health Insurance


    Make your claim and fund your session on the spot with your health insurance card by using our EFTPOS HICAPS terminal.


    Don't spend forever trying to claim the money back online!

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